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Business Brokerage 


We have a data base of clients who are looking at buying and selling their F & B business. We act on behalf of sellers to put their company information in order before we present them to potential investors. We also act on behalf of buyers looking at accquring F & B businesses. We would understand our clients' requirements and would then advise them on the pricing structure of the purchase or sale. All information will be kept confidential. 

Business Coaching


We provide coaching and advisory services to our clients, especially SMEs, to assist them to effectively grow their businesses and turning them into profitable businesses.

Brand Management and Support


Brands carry an intrinsic value and its one of the company's most valuable asset. Maintaining a good and strong brand would enhance the brand value of a company. We assist our clients in charting a direction for their brand and to further grow its awareness and its value.

Business Recovery​


Many companies are faced with declining revenue and profits. Though the economy sometimes play a part in it, it is not always just the only reason why a company is not performing well. There are a lot of other underlying problems ranging from people, market perceptions, systems to brand management. These are only just some of the many reasons that affect the company's performance. We give a 360 degree evaluation of the business and would come up with a range of recommendations for our clients to achieve their desired results. 

​Concept Development


Having a right and good concept is one of the important ingredients to a successful F & B business. Our consultants have been developing new concepts and continuosly coming out with new ideas that will appeal to today's consumers. Before we come out with a certain concept, much thought and research would be put into it.

​F & B Retail and Central Kitchen Setup


Each of our consultants have many years of experience in setting up F & B retail outlets to Central Kitchens. We can provide you a hassle free total solution and assist our clients to acheieve the best results in the shortest possible time.



We represent brand owners to franchise their brands both locally and internationally. We also assist them in setting up the franchise system and even provide franchise management services. Having a well thought through franchise program and pricing will bring the brand a long way. Thus finding a right franchisee, understanding each territory's market condition and consumer behaviour plays a vital role in the success of the franchise. Many franchises failed because of chosing the wrong franchisee, wrong fees structure, lack of support from franchisor and lack of communication between franchisee and franchisor. We can help by bridging this gap. Given our consultants' experience in each territory, we are able to understand each market more in-depth.




Project Management


Some of our clients either do not have the time, resources or know how to set up the F & B business. Our professional team can assist them to take care of the process till it is ready for operations. 

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